Vertically Mounted S110 Blocks

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Category 5e
Shown with optional S89D bracket

This 50-pair S110 block can be mounted on the same S89B or S89D brackets that hold our S66 blocks. The wiring base is available separately or as part of a field-terminated kit that includes the 4- or 5-pair connecting blocks and designation strips.

Part Numbers

S110D(X)1-50FT-89 (Picture) 50-pair S110 field termination kit on an 89-type retainer*. Includes S110 connecting blocks and designation strips
S110DW1-50-89 (Picture) 50-pair S110 wiring base on an 89-type retainer*. S110 connecting blocks are not included
Use (X) to specify connecting blocks: A = 5-pair, B = 4-pair

*S89 brackets are not included and must be ordered separately

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice