S110 Field Terminated 19 Inch Panels


S110 panels allow wiring blocks to be mounted directly to a 19 inch EIA rack. Each panel includes connecting blocks to complete each 25-pair termination strip on the S110 block (e.g. S110DB1-100RFT would include five 4-pair and one 5-pair connecting block per 25-pair termination strip, or a total of twenty 4-pair and four 5-pair connecting blocks).

  • Color Coding — Color-coded pairs on each S110 connecting block
  • Optional Wire Managers — Field terminated panels can be ordered with or without S110 wire managers and covers
  • Covers Included — 19 inch panels with cable managers include covers to provide a clean appearance for the patching environment

Part of the Premium 5e cabling system.


Mounts to 19" Racks
Mounts to 19
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Black anodized panels can be mounted directly to 19" EIA racks or cabinets, ideal for installations where wall mounting space is not available.
Rear Cable Access Openings
Rear Cable Access Openings
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Patented openings between rows allow horizontal cables to be routed from behind the panel and enter the block from the rear, helping maintain cable geometry and outer jacket up to the point of termination, ensuring optimum category 5e performance.
Horizontal Cable Managers and Covers
Horizontal Cable Managers and Covers
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Panels are available with S110 cable managers and covers for superior horizontal cable management and a clean appearance.

Part Numbers

S110D(X)1-100RFT (Picture) 100-pair 19 inch panel, 1 RMS
S110D(X)1-200RFT (Picture) 200-pair 19 inch panel, 2 RMS
S110D(X)1-300RFT (Picture) 300-pair 19 inch panel, 3 RMS
Use (X) to specify the connecting blocks: A = 5-pair, B = 4-pair

1 RMS = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)
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Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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