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For quick, simple connection to phone equipment, the pre-wired S110 blocks provide connectorized 25-pair tails wired to 100- or 300-pair bases. The standard 6 in. (152mm) tails can be ordered extending from the top or bottom of the block with male or female connectors. Contact Customer Service for custom tail lengths.

Siemon's S700 series blocks provide a simple interface method between 25-pair assemblies and punchdown fields using easily accessible connections. The blocks feature both fields on the face of the block eliminating the need to trace cables or access the rear of the block when making connections. Each block comes with label holders and white designation labels as well as hook and loop hold-downs to secure the 25-pair connectors.

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The pre-wired S110 block is ideal for use with phone systems due to its ability to easily accommodate connectorized 25-pair cables for fast and simple setup. In addition, the use of 25-pair cable for backbone cabling allows the pre-wired S110 block to provide an easy interface with your phone system all the way to the telecommunications room where connections can be made to the work area.

Part Numbers

S110A(X)-100(XXX)-(X) (Picture) 100-pair S110 pre-wired block
S110A(X)-300(XXX)-(X) (Picture) 300-pair S110 pre-wired block
S700A110-B1-50 (Picture) 50-pair pre-wired S110 block with legs

Use 1st (X) to specify connecting block subassembly: A = 5-pair, B = 4-pair
Use (XXX) to specify connector type: CT = connectorized top (female), CTM = connectorized top (male), CB = connectorized bottom (female), CBM = connectorized bottom (male)
Use 2nd (X) to specify cable length:
Blank = standard 152mm (6 in.) tail, (X) = custom length, in feet

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Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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